AdvOfficeComboBox Glitch

Pressing ESC while the list items of AdvofficeCombobox are displayed causes the dialog to close and leave the list items displayed on the screen if there is a tbutton with cancel := True and Close in tbutton.onclick. Correct behavior is to close the combobox when ESC is pressed.  after a dialog box is closed if the list is dropped down in a dialog that is closed via the dialog's cancel button (the 'X'). To reproduce this, do the following:

1. Create two forms, "Main" and "Secondary".
2. Place a tbutton on Main that displays "Secondary".
3. On "Secondary" add a tadvofficecombobox. Add a few items to advofficecombobox1.items.
4. Add a tbutton and set cancel := true. In the button's onclick handler add: Close := True
5.Run the program and click the tbutton on "Main" to display "Secondary".
6. Display the contents of the combobox.
7. Press ESC.
RESULT: Dialog is closed, list items remain displayed

Thanks for reporting.
We traced & solved this issue. The next update will address this.