Advofficecombobox with Default Button

Advofficecombobox does not handle the return key in the way I would expect when there is a tbutton on the form with its default property set to true. The issue is that the Tbutton only responds to the enter key if the advofficecombobox is displaying its dropdown list. If the control has focus but the list is not down, the enter key is ignored. In contrast a Tcombobox behaves consistently regardless of whether the dropdown is displayed. How can I get the advofficecombobox to always allow the default button to respond to the return key? I searched the published and public properties of advofficecombobox and did not see any settings that seemed relevant.

To see the issue, place a tbutton, a tcombobox and and tadvofficecombobox on a form. Add a showmessage to the tbutton's onclick handler. Set default=true for the button. Add a few items to each combobox. Run the program and select the advofficecombobox and press enter (no showmessage). Do the same with the tcombobox (showmessage is displayed).

The same thing also happens when a button's cancel is set to true.

We traced & solved this issue. The next update will address this.