Visibility of GlowButton on TAdvSmoothImageListBox

I'm having a problem displaying a TAdvGlowButton on the header of a TAdvSmoothImageListBox - the button does not show at runtime.

The ImageListBox contains a custom nav panel built of buttons, the button objects are grouped with the box as a parent. Previously I used TAdvSmoothButtons, these work correctly, I change to GlowButtons now, these do not display. Interestingly enough, when setting the button to "Transparent", the text is shown, but not the button itself.

As a workaround I do not place the GlowButtons into the ImageListBox but into the parent of the box, so I can keep my relative positions. Downside: buttons cannot be rounded anymore as the wrong object's background is honored. Also I need to not only tell BringToFront to the listbox, but after that also to each button of the nav panel.

  //--  now show the updated panel.
  //--  fake the glowButtons to visibility.

I cannot see a reason why GlowButtons should not show inside a SmoothImageListBox when other components work nicely. Looks like a bug.

I cannot reproduce any unexpected behavior here.
When AdvGlowButton.Transparent = false, I see the button on the header without issues.
When AdvGlowButton.Transparent = true, you will only see the button when mouse hovers or mouse is down and this is by design.

If you see any different unexpected behavior, please provide some sample source app with which we can reproduce the problem here.

Shame, cannot reproduce either. When I extracted the problematic code and straightened it as a sample, it just worked. I did the buttons again and placed them into the SmoothImageListBox as a parent, and it just does the job. Please ignore this issue report, must have been a missconfig previously.