AdvDBGrid DynEdit issue odd repeating when using power of symbol

I have been using DynEdit fields in a project I am working on because I like the auto edit look I get from using them this way. Realise I have to manage saving etc myself. Anyway recently needed to store scientific notation in this field eg 2x10^6 but when I post back to the server the edits get changed to something like 2x10^6^6^6^6^^. The fields are set to just text mode so it should be allowed, no formulas are being used either.

Is there a bug in there somewhere or am I doing something wrong? Does the ^ have some special meaning in IW Web Grid as other components work fine and no problem with it.

Thank you for notifying.
This issue has now been fixed. The update will be available with the next TMS IntraWeb Component Pack.

Hi Bruno.

That is brilliant news! Is it possible to share how I can fix it temporarily in my own source?

Many thanks

Hi David,

Unfortunately the fix also requires changes in a binary file so you won't be able fix it manually.
We expect the TMS IntraWeb Component Pack update to be released later this week, if you need the fix sooner you can request an incremental source update by sending an email to