DBAdbGrid adding new row


I have a dbADVGrid and also a DBGrid (as a test) connected to a datasource.
When i run the application, data is displayed correctly in both grids, I can EDIT a cell in either grid and that changes correclty in the DB.

On the DBGrid it will append a New Row when i arrow down so i can add new data
However on the dbADVGrid ir will Not allow me to add a new row when i arrow down, i have "Allow Edit", etc all Checked to True

What am i missing?

Thank you

Can you try to set grid.Navigation.AppendOnArrowDown = true

Hello Bruno,

Thank you for your speedy reply.
I have tried that setting, and just tested again but with no luck.



OK - I managed to work out the issue - "AdvancedDirection" needs to be set to adTopBottom.
However this now seems to have presented another issue:

A empty row is now displayed ok, i can enter data into the first cell OK, but when i go to the next cell teh whole New line is deleated??

This all work OK on teh standard DBgrid. I would like to use the DBAdvGrid becuasse of the extra features of the component.


Can you compare with the demo Demo\DBAdvGrid\CDSEditing as I could not see such issue there?

Hello Bruno,

Thank you for your responce - I have compared the Demo DBAdvGrid with mine and the settings are identical.

I am now thinking it must be realted to the datasource/query area. Its an SQL database via ODBC, but then it does not explain why standard delphi DBgrid works ok using the same datasource/query!!!!!

Strange one

DBAdvGrid vs DBGrid.zip (575.6 KB)

Hello Bruno,

I though i would demonstrate the issue i am having. In the attached zip file is a movie file showing my application. but to make it more understandable, I ahve placed a standard DBGrid next to the DBAdvGrid, both using the same datasource. I even Cut & Pasted teh DBAdvGrid from the Demo application to my application.

Many thanks

Unfortunately, I can't see the grid settings from this video nor know anything about the dataset used.
Is this with grid.EditPostMode = epRow?

Hello Bruno,

Thank you for your mail.

Unfortunaltuy I was having further issues with the DBAdvGrid so i have decided to use the AdvStringGrid instead.


I still have some issues with dbadvgrid that will be solved with the next version, but if it helps, those are the settings that best worked for my editiable grids with the current version:

      PageMode := true;
      DatasetTypeAuto := False;
      DataSetType := dtNonSequenced;
      EditPostMode := epRow;

      with Navigation do begin
        AdvanceAuto := False;
        AdvanceAutoEdit := False;
        AdvanceOnEnter := True;
        AdvanceOnEnterLoop := False;
        AdvanceDirection := adLeftRightInRow;

        AllowCtrlEnter := False;
        AllowClipboardAlways := True;
        AllowClipboardRowGrow := False;
        AllowClipboardColGrow := False;
        AllowInsertRow := true;
        AlwaysEdit := true;
      Options := Options + [goColSizing, goEditing] - [goRowSelect, goRangeSelect];

      RefreshOnInsert := True;
      RefreshOnDelete := True;

      ShowBlankRow := false;
      FixedRowAlways := true;

Thank you :slight_smile: