2 issues with TDBAdvGrid

Windows 10
Delphi 10.1 Update 2
UI Pack

I have 2 issues with TDBAdvGrid.

- TField.DisplayWidth is ignored by TDBAdvGrid
- TDBAdvGrid.FixedFont seems ignored.

TField.DisplayWidth ignored by TDBAdvGrid:
I have a dataset field with DisplayWidth set to 250. This dataset is linked to the grid via a datasource.
When I open the dataset the column has a small default size. It is not set to 250.
Delphi documentation says the column will be sized correctly for a TCustomDBGrid decendant.
I understand that TDBAdvGrid does not descent from TCustomDBGrid but since TDBAdvGrid is meant to replace the normal DBGrid, is this a bug that the column is not sized according to the TField.DisplayWidth property? If not could this be implemented?

TDBAdvGrid.FixedFont seems ignored
The TDBAdvGrid fixed font property has fsBold. When I open my dataset, the columns titles are not in bold (even if they are fixed columns). Is this something that can be fixed?

I am using FireDac if this matters.

  1. grid.Columns[x].Width is used to set the column width
    2) grid fixed header font is set per column with grid.Columns[x].HeaderFont

This is what I wanted to avoid doing.

1) Can you at least consider this as a new feature suggestion then? We were hoping to centralize our code on the dataset side of things and avoid grid code as much as possible. This part feels like a downgrade from the TDBGrid.

2) I would have expected to have the grid FixedFont to be used as the default font for all fixed cells since that is what it does the AdvStringGrid. Is that not a bug? If not it seems like this property serves absolutely no purpose for the db version of the grid and should be hidden?