TAdvDBGrid first dataset column uses a header

Something odd has been happening now for a couple version of the grid components on C++Builder (at least; it might have been happening previously but I didn't notice it).

It seems that FixedCols + 1 is always using some kind of small header font.  If I set FixedCols to 1, I get what I expect with a grey header column, but then my first query column is also an odd font-- different from all the rest.  The only workaround I have to solve this problem is to set FixedCols to 2 and set the width of column [1] to 0.

Maybe I am doing something stupid, but I can't imagine what I am doing wrong.  Any help appreciated.


I could not see this here so far.
Is this also happening when you drop a new TDBAdvGrid on the form and connect a dataset to it?

If not, what's different in your project from a default TDBAdvGrid?