Hi Guys, 

When I'm putting designer to form containing TAdvStringGrid it comes up with some garbage in design mode. 
I wasn't able to change font size, default row width or anything like that. 

Is there any way of loading saved changed to already active form?

Kind Regards, 
Artur Hanusek 

We are not aware of any such issues with a properly installed TAdvStringGrid.
What Delphi version is this? What version of the grid? If you installed a new version, did you first cleanup a previous version,...

Hi Bruno,

Its actually TDBAdvGrid. 

I only done full system re install 3 weeks ago. 
I have VCL subscription which I downloaded (scripter version

See 2 screenshots below

You can see that scroll bar and dropdown box in top left of the grid. Only shows up when designer is active. 
Changing font sizes etc doesn't do anything. 

Please provide at least your full grid settings so we can see if this can be reproduced.

I assume that when you drop a new TDBAdvGrid on the form, this doesn't happen? If so, what settings in your grid are different from default settings?
I'm not sure if its a problem with Scripter or DBAdvGrid itself.

I used one of your sample projects from website and just added my bit of code, when you changing font for all the other components it works perfectly but DBGrid doesn't respond to font changes. 
It behaves the same way if you programatically change the font size. 

sample code

Have you tried setting grid.Columns[].Font property? Changing grid.Font has no effect.

grid.Columns[].Font works great but what is the purpose of Grid.Font then ? 

Just looking from end user point of view, would be great if Grid.Font actually iterate trough columns and change them all.

I also found whats cosign Scripter not working with that DBAdvGrid. 
Issue occurs when you place grid inside TPanel, everything is perfect when DBGrid is placed directly on the form.

See example below

Another issue: in previous example try to edit form and then double click any control, the properties  dissapear from IDE Form

To avoid the double click issue, set the following property in TIDEEngine:

  IDEEngine1.PreventDefaultEventCreation := true;

grid.Font is exposed in the base class and in Delphi it is not possible to hide published properties from a base class.