Your license has expired

When I try to activate my WebCore inside VS Code, It says my license has expired
Just in case, I uninstalled the latest version, and installed TMS WEB Core v2.0.5982

Same result

I cannot see an active license in our database.
Last one I see expired on Oct 16, 2022.

I thought the license was perpetual, and what expired was the access to support and new versions. Same as with Delphi and many other products

Am I wrong, and the license is annual and not perpetual? When the license expires,you can't use any version of the product anymore?

You should still be able to use the previous version

But I'm not, as you can see:


Can you search your hard disk for License.lic under C:\Users\Bruno Fierens.vscode\extensions and put this file in the old TMS WEB Core version extension sub folder?

under extensions there is no license.lic file anywhere

there are two folders of interest:

I got this emailed from your website:

*The requested registration code(s): *

Product: TMS WEB Core VSC
Code: xxxxxxxxx
Purchase date: 29/12/2020

Product: TMS WEB Core VSC
Code: xxxxxxxxxx
Purchase date: 16/10/2021

As requested from the TMS Software website at local server time : 10/3/2022 11:06:32 AM

We have temporarily extended the license so you can activate again.

Already activated, got the License.LIC file, and saved it in a safe place

So, in case I need to reinstall, I can use up to version 2.0.5982, and to activate it I should put my license.lic file on the same folder it is now, am I right?