what is the difference between FNC Tableview vs FMX TableView vs FMX tableViewEX

I am coding a small app that will can run on Android/Win/iOS
I am relatively new to the TMS Suite,
I am trying to identify which solution will work best...
Are they the same?
I am also trying to Prototype each one, to see the differences
It looks like FNCTableView is more feature rich and flexible.

Thank you in advance for you assitance.


The way to go for the future is FNC which actually supports VCL (Windows), FMX (cross-platform), WEB (browser applications), and LCL (Lazarus cross-platform applications). The TMS FMX UI Pack only supports FMX and is in maintenance mode. No new major features and developments are started there. Only in FNC. So I suggest to start using the TTMSFNCTableView.

Thank you