FNC vs VCL and FMX


I am pretty new here. I am wondering for new project if it would be enough of using FNC components versus the VCL ones for a Windows program. It's seems to me that the VCL kit has a lot more components compared to the FNC one or FMX.

Beside the advantage of using FNC for multi platform or use the specific package for VLC and specific FMX for multi-device


Our VCL components offerings have been much longer in development than FNC or FMX since VCL exists since 1995 and cross platform development with Delphi only started in 2011 with FMX first and we brought FNC as last one.

If your only interest is VCL / Windows development, TMS VCL components might be your best choice. If you foresee that at a later time you also might want to target macOS, Linux, iOS, Android and also WEB, then FNC will be your best choice.