What can we expect in the next version?

I'm just planning future development and it would be useful to have an indication of what features we can expect in the next version of Sphinx (and an approximate release date :wink:)


Next version (1.9) will be released very soon. If not this week, then next week. The list of improvements is already defined (see below).

Next improvements will be an "account" web app where end-users will be able to change password, change e-mail, enable two-factor authentication. We hope to have it done in 1 or 2 months (actually we planned to do a single release with all of that, but it was taking longer than expected so we decided to already immediately release what we have so far)

Version 1.9 (Mar-2024)

  • New: TLoginOptions.ForbidSelfRegistration property prevents or allows new users to create a new account by themselves. Request #19339.

  • New: Developers can now choose which information can be used to perform a login (e-mail, phone number, username) by setting additional properties in TLoginOptions class. Request #19741.

  • New: Added new methods and events in several classes to fully support phone number confirmation (token generation, confirmation with token). Request #19069.

  • Improved: Registration (sign-up) page now automatically asks for username and phone number fields, in addition to e-mail, if they are configured as required in TUserOptions. Ticket #21929.

  • Fixed: Option TLoginOptions.RequireConfirmedEmail was not being applied unless TUserOptions.RequireEmail was true. Now it will apply whenever the email is not empty, regardless if it's required. Same for phone number.

  • Fixed: Demo web application was not being run from the default TMS Web Core application URL. Ticket #22440.

  • Fixed: Do not use manager of the context if it does not belong to the Sphinx model. Ticket #22921.

  • Fixed: Some server-side error messages were not being localized.

Thanks @wlandgraf

Is there a roadmap?

I'm interested in when MFA login support will be added and if it will support authenticator apps.

Yes, plan is next major feature to be two-factor authentication. Following it, support for 3rd-party identity providers.

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