Next version release?

Sorry to keep asking, but we really need the multi-factor authentication for Sphinx. Any idea when this will be available? We are under a lot of pressure to do this and so need to know when it is likely to be released so I can decide whether we have to implement our own log in procedures. Thanks

I understand and sorry for the delay. Current intention is end of May beginning of June. But as usual, it depends on the workload until there.

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Thanks @wlandgraf

It would be good if you can keep us updated. If it is likely to be longer than that we'll need to look at an alternative.

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Sorry to be a nag on this, but do you have an updated release target for the version which will support MFA? We have customers asking for it, but I don't want to put in place a solution if I'll need to reverse it out soon. Thanks.

All I can say is that we are working on it right now. Unless we have urgent bug fixes that need to be deployed, the very next Sphinx version will include such feature.