Problem use the Sphinx WEB Demo

Hello All,
I use the TMS Sphinx Simple Demo in conjunction with WEBCore.
I copied the demo into a test directory.
Inside the source as well as in the components I have changed the directories (BaseUrl, RedirectUri, etc. ). I replaced the "TMS" with "APP".
Other than that, I didn't make any changes to the source code or the port (:2001).
Accordingly, I also changed the HTTP.SYS via the program TMSHttpConfig.

The Sphinx server starts up fine. After starting, I displayed the created JSON code. (As described in the TMS Sphinx documentary). When I press the login button now, I get an error message. See Appendix. What am I doing wrong? Why does the original demo work and why doesn't my test, even though I only replaced "TMS" with "APP" in the directories?

Have you also changed the URL of the API server and the web client app?

If yes, have you changed the redirect URLs in source code that also point to the /tms address?

If you revert back from app to tms, does it start working again?

Finally, please check the browser console to see more details about the error, specially the call stack and/or the place in the code/page where that error happens.

Good Morning Wagner,
I have opened the console once, as you suggested, and there I can see the exact error (see photo). But I don't know where in the source code or in any of the components I can change this ".wellknown" path?

the Sphinx Doc:
"We can now check if our server is running. Execute the application, open your internet browser
and navigate to address http://localhost:2001/tms/sphinx/.well-known/openid-configuration>.
The browser should display the server response which will be a JSON similar to this one:"

In my case I replaced the "TMS" with "APP" and it all displays correctly.

"issuer": "http://localhost:2001/app/sphinx",
"authorization_endpoint": "http://localhost:2001/app/sphinx/oauth/authorize",
"token_endpoint": "http://localhost:2001/app/sphinx/oauth/token",
"response_types_supported": [
"id_token token"

Have you modified the properties of TSphinxWebLogin component in the Forms.Mains.pas unit of WebClient demo?

Yes, I had also changed all the entries.

I searched all the source codes belonging to the project, as well as all the objects and their settings.

What happens to you when you just open your demo in Delphi, like I did, replace "TMS" with "APP" for example and run the program?

I see now that the original demo was built using a TMS Web Core configuration that is not the default one.

The demo assumes Web Core apps run from http://localhost:2001/tms, while the default settings for TMS Web Core installation is http://localhost:8000. That's probably the source of confusion.

We have updated the demo to work accordingly with default TMS Web Core settings (next release will have those modifications).

Also, here is that new demo modified to run Sphinx server from http://localhost:2001/app/sphinx. It should be working now. (426.5 KB)

Hello Wagner,
That explains a lot.
So I could have searched for a bug for a long time. Thank you for your efforts and perseverance in helping me.

Best regards

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