TwebUpdate - get current application version?

Currently I use a pretty long separate unit to get the current version number of my application as a string.
(from from

TWebUpdate has methods to get  the OS version as a string plus other things but I cannot see one to get the current application verion number as a string.

WebUpdate1.GetFile version returns something of type tfvi (whatever that is)
WebUpdate1.CurVersionInfo always returns an empty string

How do I get the current version number (eg as a string using TWebUpdate?


Why isn't there a separate forum for TWebUpdate like there is for other TMS components?

An additional question.
How can I make TWebUpdate return the new application version?
eg supposing before I do an update I want to show a message to the user along the lines of...

'About to upgrade application from version to version'

How do I obtain the two version numbers as strings to display them before I do the update?

WebUpdate.CurVersionInfo / WebUpdate.NewVersionInfo return the version as string AFTER you have called WebUpdate.NewVersionAvailable: boolean;

We have over 500 different components, it would be impractical to create a separate forum for each component.

>WebUpdate.CurVersionInfo / WebUpdate.NewVersionInfo return the version
as string AFTER you have called WebUpdate.NewVersionAvailable: boolean;

Ah!. That explains it. Its even better as now I can tell if there is no new version available wityhout comparing versions,
Thank you

Sorry but it still does not seem to work.
I used the code

if webUpdate1.NewVersionAvailable then
       showmessage(' New vesion! Current: ' + WebUpdate1.CurVersionInfo + '  New: ' +WebUpdate1.NewVersionInfo)
      showmessage(' Nothing new! Current: ' +WebUpdate1.CurVersionInfo + '  New: ' + WebUpdate1.NewVersionInfo);

But the message displays blank for both new and old version numbers.
It is running OK and reaches my web site but does not seem to matter if my app version number less than that on the web or not (I get the appropriate message but both have blank version info.)

I am trying to get the version of the running app, whether or not there is a new version on the web.

I cannot see such problem.
I added this functionality to one of our TWebUpdate sample apps and this works as expected.
The modified sample can be downloaded here: 

Yes I can make yours work but I have two separate applications, neither of which will show the current or new version numbers after doing ' if webUpdate1.NewVersionAvailable' regardles of whether or not there is a new version available.
The only difference I can see is that yours is using a web page update but mine are using ftp.

This should work regardless of being by ftp or http

I cannot see that it does not work, so if a problem persists, please provide some sample source project or exact steps with which the problem can be reproduced.

I had a nearly similar problem and wanted to let you know how i fixed it.

in my case it was something wrong with the inf.file, but for whatever reason i ididn't get any interpretion/log error.

what i did:
- i downloaded the *,inf file from within the sample-app
- modified it to my own apps version and uploaded it to my server
from this time on the problem was fixed