WebUpdate Date based update


I'm wondering what the Date based update does. Against what date it will be checked ?
When I deploy my app, i have the following structure :

Mainservice.exe        <-- basically never changes except with a new Delphi version
Delphi original BPLs  <-- same here
3rd Party BPLs          <-- can change with updates from 3rd party vendors like you guys 
own BPLs / DLLs       <- change, but not all all the time, but they're small and I'd just update all of them always

So my approach would be to place the mainservice.exe and the delphi bpls in one CAB, 3rd party bpls in a second CAB and mine in a 3rd CAB

Every part should be only updated when needed, right ?
If I use the date based update (especially with the 3rd CAB) against what date it will be checked ?

Should I use 3 projects and 3 seperate webupdater for each part to achieve the desired update method ? Or can it be done without hassle within the same project?

Remember that the 3rd CAB does not have a single file that will be updated EVERY time with a new version to check against. And obviously I don't want to update every time although no change was made, that's why I think the date/time approach might be the best

Thought and hints, pls ?

Thanks in advance..

Date based update means that the date in the .INF file is checked against the file date of the local file and this is the criteria for deciding to download the update or not.

If you have multiple files, these can be put in multiple file sections and for each file section a date criteria can be specified.

date=...   date of new version
//optional: time= .... time of new version

date=...   date of new version
//optional: time= .... time of new version

Ok, thanks, that helps