TWebUpdate Dual Update Strategy


Is it possible to make use of two WebUpdates in one application.

My scenario is as follows:

My smaller Clients will make use of the httpUpdate, where the latest version of my application is available to the Client should he choose to update.

The larger Clients (in terms of number of Workstations), would prefer that the update be pulled from there local network, therefor I'm thinking for this I should use the fileUpdate.  I have not used fileUpdate before, and do not know how one would approach where to find this update on the network.

Could anyone that has done something similar before offer some comments/guidelines.  My biggest worry is that all the larger Clients would have there LAN's setup the way they want it to be setup, so how would I instruct the updater where to find the actual update on the individual networks?


You'd need to make the config of TWebUpdate, in particular WebUpdate.UpdateType and WebUpdate.URL customizable by the end user. The end user would then have to set the type either to HTTP or file update and when file update is chosen, the appropriate path for the update .INF file should be set to WebUpdate.URL.
It might be needed to also customize the content of the update .INF file for the local network update to the paths in use at the customer site.

Thanks Bruno,

Ill see if I can get it working this side.