Hi webcore community,

i am working on a greater project with Webcore that is - among others - using a websocket server. For this i started with the TTMSWebSocketServer from webcore (weblib.Websocketserver.pas) as an example and this is working fine.
But now i need the same functionality with SSL. For this the internal IndyHttpServer needs an IoHandler for SSL.

Unfortunately i do not have the time to write and test this because we are very late in the project and i have to solve a lot other problems.

Is anywhere in the community who has already done this or is willing to do this as a freelancer ?
I would pay money for a solution in a timely manner.

It is very easy to outsource this part of the job, You just have to replace weblib.Websocketserver.pas by a version that runs with SSL.  Preferred is OpenSSL and 64 Bit.

Any questions by email to 

Thanks in advance