Hi Bruno 

i am writing an application with the TTMSWebSocketServer to communicate with different client devices via browser.

We use IIS in a DMZ and websocket connections are made to myserver which is running as a service in the DMZ too. 
All features are running very well while i do not use SSL in the IIS.

When i switch to SSL i get problems on apple devices.
When a client opens a Websocket connection OnConnect is fired but then i get following error message in myserver:

(in german)
  IM Projekt myserver ist eine Exception der Klasse EIdHTTPErrorParsingCommand mit der Meldung
  "Fehler bei der Analyse einer Anweisung." aufgetreten.

I did not send any message via the websocket. 
It just happens when the connection is established and after OnConnect has fired.
One minute later OnDisconnect is fired.

This happens on my IPad and IPhone devices with the Safari-Browser.

I do not see this error on a Windows PC with Chrome Browser.
If i do not use SSL it runs on apple devices too.

Any idea what what is happening ?
This problem is blocking my further development.

best regards


i get the same error message when client is an android phone with chrome browser

but not in a windows client with chrome browser.


Do you use the server code from WEBLib.WebSocketServer.pas?
This sample server has no built-in support for SSL. Internally it uses a TidHTTPServer and this will need an SSL IO handler to be used with SSL.