Problem with twebsocketclient


i try to use a twebsocketclient component to create a fast and safe communication between ipads and a IIS server that runs in a DMZ of my customers.

In your example i find a client and a server, but the server is not capable of handling SSL.
So i tried to use standard websocket servers from esegece (Spain) and from ipworks (US).

Both products are running quite well with my clients made by delphi 10.4.1. and tms webcore
as long as i do not use OpenSSL. But my customers claim to get a safe SSL server.

The esegece server raises following exception when a ssl connect is created by a tms webcore js client:

The ipworks server tells me following error:
Error 276[cid 2] error during handshake[1]: 0x0

Both products are running well with OpenSSL when i use their example clients but not with webcore clients. After testing a lot with esegece and ipworks, the developers tell me that the ssl problem must be in your webcore client.

Do you have any idea what i can do now ?
Actually my projects with web core are obsolet and i will loose customers.

kind regards

We will need to allocate time to investigate why it is not working with these two websocket servers. We will put this on our todolist.

Hi Bruno,

nice to hear from you.

When do you expect to have a result ?

One Day ? One Week ? One Month ? or One Year ?

Kind regards


PS: a real fan of Web Core.

We will allocate time this week + next week. It will depend on conclusions of this investigation how we can address this. We will inform as we have news.

Hi Bruno,

now 2 weeks are gone.

Do you have any results from your investigations ?

If it is not possible to use websockets in Webcore Clients together with a IIS running SSL

i have to look for different solutions.

My customers insist on SSL.

Kind regards


We have worked on this. We have done improvements and we have tested this with an SSL enabled version of our own websocket server. This is in further test here before we can include it in a new release.

Hi Bruno,

this is nice to hear.

Can you tell me a rough estimation when these improvements will be deployed and available for me ?

Kind regards


When it is ready and as soon as possible. We work non-stop, 7 by 7, on everything.