webimagecontrol in html template

I tried using a webimagecontrol in the html template example and it does not generate a <img> tag. but puts the src in the div tag itself so the image does not display

<div id="header" class="header" draggable="true" droppable="true" src="Unit2.WebImageControl1.Picture.jpg" role="button" aria-label="WebButton1" type="BUTTON" style="">WebButton1</div>

I have set the display as flex and trying to arrange a label, image and a button in the header div tag 

  .header {

The documentation http://www.tmssoftware.biz/download/manuals/TMSWEBCoreDevGuide.pdf

specifies the HTML element to bind with for the TWebImageControl should be an IMG element.
See page 124.

ok thanks let me check this out