TIWAdvWebGrid HTML in a cell

I'm trying to display an image in a cell using HTML

tmp.printf(L"%s",L"<img src="./image.jpg">");
Grid->Cells[4] = tmp;
but it always shows text.

In the same column I need cells with only text and cells with images.

I used Column Type ctNormal

If I try ctImage the compiler says
[bcc32 Error] Unit1.cpp(109): E2015 Ambiguity between 'Iwwebgrid::ctImage' and 'Vcl::Comctrls::ctImage'

Have You some hints?

Doriano Azzena

i had about the same question, and Bart Holvoet helped me add an image to a cell.
look at the second question here :



You can use HTML tags to add an image to a column of type ctNormal or simply add the image name + path for a Column of type ctImage.

ctNormal column:

  TIWAdvWebGrid1.Cells[0,0] := '<img src="http://www.tmssoftware.com/site/img/tmslogo.png"  style="width:128px;height:50px;">';

ctImage column:
  TIWAdvWebGrid1.Cells[1,0] := 'http://www.tmssoftware.com/site/img/tmslogo.png';

Thak YOU all of YOU.

It Works