IWHTMLLabel Image use


Can you explain or provide an example of how to use image with the HTML Label components.  In the editor for such a label you can insert an image reference index, but I do not see a corresponding images property. 

Is it possible to use images inside the HTML labels?  Is there a way to use an image from the same table when using the data aware version of the label?


HTMLabel can show images. The demo demonstrates this.
See also http://www.tmssoftware.com/site/minihtml.asp for more info 
on HTML tags that you can use.

I knew I had seen some example code somewhere.  I did try to find it before I asked my question.That helps me ask a more specific question.

Would it work to use code like this:

  with PictureContainer1.Items.Add do
    Name := 'MyPicture1';
    Index := 0;

to load images from a database and display them within the label?  I would have to give each a unique Name and Index value I would imagine.  If this works, would I then use the <IMG src="name"> tag to reference it?

Would it also be possible to use the form's OnRender event to load the picture container with the desired image?

Thank you