TMSFNCImage in web core

I'm trying to use a TMSFNCImage in a Web Core application. I am adding it to a string grid and I want to later pickup which part of the image is clicked. I tried it out in the VCL first and used the OnMouseDown event which gave me what I wanted. However when using it in Web Core the XY that I am picking up is from the string grid not the actual button. I guess this is a bug and not a feature but just wanted to check before I handle it and find it gets fixed later.

  img: TTMSFNCImage;
  img                 := TTMSFNCImage.Create( Self );
  img.Parent          := sgTruckStatus;
  img.Width           := 98;
  img.Height          := 30;
  img.ElementPosition := epRelative;
  img.DataString      := AStatus;
  img.Tag             := ATag;
  img.OnMouseDown     := imgMouseDown;
  case AStatus[ 1 ] of
    'R': img.Bitmap := BitmapContainer1.Bitmaps[ 0 ];
    'A': img.Bitmap := BitmapContainer1.Bitmaps[ 1 ];
    'G': img.Bitmap := BitmapContainer1.Bitmaps[ 2 ];
  td.appendChild( img.ElementHandle );

How is the positioning of the grid on the page?
Is it absolute positioned? Other way? Bound to template? All these details are important to be able to analyze.

It's a TWebStringGrid and the ElementPosition is epAbsolute. It is not bound to a template.

We traced & solved this issue. The next update will address this.

Thanks Bruno quick and helpful as always. Unfortunately I have another issue with this. I'll post a new message to keep it separate.