WebGMaps Javascript API error message - Windows 11

I recently started getting the Javascript API error message on my WebGMaps (VCL). My Dell computer came with a version of Windows that is some kind of evaluation copy and it has moved me to Windows 11. I can't stop the "upgrades" without a full reload of Windows 10. Anyway, this behavior might be related to the fact that I am on Windows 11.

I see you upgraded the WebGMaps components yesterday (8/26/2021) with this as a fix
"Fixed : Issue with Internet Explorer engine. Warning: temporary workaround. Google is deprecating IE. Prepare and move to TMS FNC Maps!"

I did upgrade to and it did not fix this issue

Question: If I move to the FNC version, does this mean Google Maps should work, or would I have to move to a different mapping platform?

Any help appreciated.

We have not tested this on Windows 11. v3.2.0.2 does fix the issue (for now) on Windows 10.
Please do a runtime version check that you effectively compile against

Meanwhile, we highly recommend to move to TMS FNC Maps as this does not rely on the Internet Explorer engine anymore and is as such future-proof. TMS FNC Maps supports Google Maps (among several other mapping services)