Very slow after recent Windows update

Not much more to say. 

Apps were running fine, until a week or so ago, and now everyone gets the spinning wheel.

When I run it on an older VM (not updated) it's fine



We are aware of the issue.
Unfortunately it's related to a recent Windows update for which there are no known workarounds available at this time.
More information can be found in this thread:

So, what update is causing the problems?





Has anyone tried if uninstalling fixes it?


Not 100% sure, but most likely it is KB4483187

Here is another link demonstrating the issue
We hope this gets to the attention of Microsoft
just tried uninstalling KB4483187 and rebooted client (Win7 Pro)
not working - IE is very slow/hangs

KB4483187 cannot be the culprit, it was installed on my computer at the 21st of January, but the problem existed since 15th of January.



KB4483187 was installed on 21st of December 2018. So it was not the reason for the problem, is was installed much earlier.

So, what KBs were installed on your machine on Jan 14 or Jan 15?

On 9th January was installed KB4480055, that is the only update near 14th or 15th.


This right KB.

On 9th January was installed KB4480063, that is the only update near 14th or 15th.

What is it?

NET Framework 3.5.1 for Windows 7 SP1 and Server 2008 R2 SP1 (KB 4480063)

Deinstallation gave no improvement with internet explorer on the url below!

The update released today for TMS VCL WebGMaps and TMS FMX WebGMaps fixes this issue.

Thank you for fixing this issue!

What was finally the reason?

Sincerely Peter

We noticed that the issue was introduced in the latest version of the Google Maps JavaScript API.

The WebGMaps update is now using the previous version of the API again.


Can you please tell me, where in the source code you determine the api version?
In the file UWebGMapsConst.pas look for

                '<script type="text/javascript" src=",panoramio,weather%apikey%&language=%lang%"></script>' + #13 +

Thanks a lot!