Install additional components

When executing the command "TMS Install component package" a dialog opens for choosing a TMS component package in zip format. Is that package part of my TMS FNC UI Components package?

Will be in the next release, at this moment, it's for internal purposes only.

Is it realistic to have this functionality within the next 2-3 month?

I have created a couple of custom components in Delphi for use with TMS Web Core, and they work quite nicely. I am keen to migrate development over to VSCode but cannot do so until we can install or replicate those components in VSCode.

José, have you made progress with this "install additional components" feature? Or do you perhaps documentation available on creating custom visual components to use with VSCode?

Thank you for you hard work and what have made for us so far!

We are working on that feature right now, cannot tell you an estimation, but the core system is in place, that is, the architecture already allows you to install packages, so will be released soon, of course, when it's ready :-)


Meanwhile this feature is added & available in TMS WEB Core for Visual Studio Code.