Webbluetooth compile error on new version 2.1.2

Hi with old version go fine now i've this error on compile

Uncaught (in promise) TypeError: this.DoGetDeviceError is not a function
at WEBLib.Bluetooth.pas:343:1

What is the old version you refer to?
I retested Bluetooth apps here but I could not reproduce any problem with the latest release.

yes i tested too, go fine ... for me i think is a problem of unit. I must check


This is the error now when i connect to device ...


i added your demo unit in my project (Ubluetooth.pas) and try to connect BL .. always same error !!
this is a wrong updates installed ? ... i'm confused ... i think downgrade to previous version

help me please i'm blocked ... if you want i can pass you entire project ...

There have been no changes in WEBLib.Bluetooth.pas in all TMS WEB Core versions released this year.
So, what exact version had you previously installed that behaves differently?

Bruno i've this error in all version installed ... i think is a unit or other object interference. I will send you entire project by mail if you can compile it. I don't known how solve it.
Thank you

I suspect you have this error in release mode and not in debug mode?
If so, we found & fixed an issue related to release mode. This fix will be in the next update.

no i've debug mode.

Then please isolate and send test project with which we can reproduce this.