Version fails in TWebStringGrid in app that worked in

I just installed and found this error when I ran my app that previously worked without errors. Here's a screen shot showing the Developer tools output in FireFox Developer Edition:

What are steps to reproduce?
I did a comparison of TWebStringGrid sources between and and I cannot see anything that could lead to a different behavior in this area.

I was afraid that you'd say that. I will try to provide a runnable subset of my project for you to demonstrate the issue. The steps so far were to take the project that was running under the previous version and build and run it after installing

I guess my first step though should be a second attempt at installing to confirm that this is not a symptom of a bad installation.

P.S.: It wasn't a bad installation. :frowning_face:

I'm sorry, we will really need steps to reproduce. Without knowing your grid settings or code that is used with it, it is very hard to guess what is wrong in your project.

Thanks, Bruno. I understand your need for a recipe. I am working on getting a small project to give you one. I'll post it here when I have it.

I finally tumbled to the actual new bug. It was occurring inside a LoadFromStrings call in my project, but really has only to do with changing a TWebStringGrid.RowCount, which you can confirm by running the following in a WEBCore project and viewing the browser console output:

unit Unit1;
  System.SysUtils, System.Classes, JS, Web, WEBLib.Graphics, WEBLib.Controls,
  WEBLib.Forms, WEBLib.Dialogs, Types, Vcl.Controls, Vcl.Grids, WEBLib.Grids;
  TForm1 = class(TWebForm)
    WSG: TWebStringGrid;        // Use default RowCount = 5
    procedure WebFormCreate(Sender: TObject);
    { Private declarations }
    { Public declarations }
  Form1: TForm1;
{$R *.dfm}
procedure TForm1.WebFormCreate(Sender: TObject);
  Log('Expand WSG called');
  WSG.RowCount := 10;
  Log('Expand WSG finished');

Tested this with a default grid on the form and I cannot see an issue. There isn't any project related error in the browser console


OK, one more step in the recipe: Build and run in Release mode. I confirm that the demo project does not fail in Debug mode.

We could see the issue and applied a fix that will be included in the next update.

I have the same problem with WebDbGrid loading data from WebHttpRequest. I also had to go back to an older version to get it working again.

It is fixed in Thanks!

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