WEB Performance issue when loading components dynamically - and other problems

Hi guys,
thanks again for your amazing work. I was able to learn a lot about creating WEB applications.
Unfortunately, I ran into serious performance issues when loading components dynamically. I also encountered a few other problems - see list below

To demonstrate the effect please head over to https://ckcmed.eu/qtest and see for yourself. The corresponding VCL-Exe (as a zip-file ) can be downloaded here https://ckcmed.eu/qtest/QTestOOP.zip to show how it should function.

Main issues are

  • loading is soooo slow
  • after loading all 4 questions FNCListEditor stops responding, especially the last one
  • after collapsing the panels (click header) and leaving only one panel open the response improves
  • FNCListEditor should have an AutoSize function
  • FNCHTMLText's AutoSize function is highly unreliable (often the last sentence is clipped)
  • MiniHTML <p bgcolor > only works for the first line when WordWrap is on
  • when adding TTMSFNCComboBox to my project compilation fails with error message: identifier not found "tsaFull"
  • TTMSFNCSpinEdit produces an invalid class typecast error when trying to activate RepeatClick

Please advise!

Same problem with the static version https://ckcmed.eu/qstatic/
TTMSFNCListEditor is not (or hardly) responding anymore when all or most panels are open

Please advise

I suppose, for the time being, I have to allow only one panel open at a time.
Any other suggestions?


Can you please attach the source code of the test sample? We are unable to debug nor explore executables.

No need to send any source code. I think the culprits are FNCListEditor and FNCHtmlText. Obviously, Javascript is not as fast as compiled Delphi code.
For now, I've decided to (mostly) stay away from these two in a Web App. Instead, I was able to create an acceptable result with WebLabel and FNCCheckGroup https://ckcmed.eu/q1/ (static version)
Still haven't been able to implement "AutoHeight" for WebLabel. I just have to make the panel tall enough to fit all text.
Any Ideas?

WebLabel.HeightStyle = ssAuto
WebLabel.WordWrap = true
WebLabel.AutoSize = false