TTMSFNCSearchEdit and TTMSFNCSearchList missing in TMS WebCore

Hi, I don't find TTMSFNCSearchEdit and TTMSFNCSearchlist in WebCore Components list.
I need an advanced DBlookup in WebCore that have multi columns in popup and autocomplete in edit (that permits only values present in Db list value lookups).
There is a valid and advanced edit with Lookup multicolumn for WebCore?
Thanks in advance

At this moment, these are two components that do not have web support yet.
We'll discuss for our 2022 planning if we can bring these components to the web.
For now, we do not have a multi-column lookup control yet unfortunately in TMS WEB Core.

Ok, it is easy to understand how difficult it is to port from an advanced vcl application to the web world without a corresponding advanced lookup component.
We are hoping for advanced components in the near future. Merry Christmas to you all

I have tested TTMSFNCControlpicker component, with a grid inside popup;
In TMS WEB Core also this components have limited property ans some events missing.
It works, using Controlpicker for autocomplete input (created in code) and with a TTMSFNCgrid inside popup, all using dataset's locate and a GridAdapter.
But when I open the popup grid don't take the focus for scroll rows with arrow keys; it take the focus only if I use a timer that set the focus with a delay. It don't seems a "natural way".
There is a way for use TTMSFNCControlpicker in TMS Web core for obtain ad advances combo lookup to use with keyboard?
Thanks in advance


Unfortunately this is a difference in behavior due to the nature of web based applications. The HTML needs to be loaded before the component can render, so setting the focus on the grid will unfortunately need a time out. There is currently no way around this. We'll investigate if we can add an option internally.