Web Core VSC question

I can't seem to post in the Web Core VSC area. Is it just not open yet?

What I was wondering about is that I saw that VSC is available for MacOS. It would be great to be able to work directly in MacOS instead of having to work with Delphi inside of a Windows VM on my Mac. I'm curious if anybody has worked with it and can comment on what it's like working with Web Core on VSC / MacOS vs on Delphi. Is it all still ObjectPascal-based coding, like in Delphi?

Areas are read-only for everyone and open for writing for customers having a license.

TMS WEB Core for Visual Studio Code works on macOS. In fact, most of the development on the product was done directly on macOS and later tested on Windows.

With respect to Object Pascal support, this is identical to TMS WEB Core for Delphi.
Any code that compiles with TMS WEB Core for Delphi will compile with TMS WEB Core for Visual Studio Code. You can for example directly open all our Delphi TMS WEB Core demo projects also from TMS WEB Core for Visual Studio Code.

Very cool. So is the Web Core for VSC a separate license from Delphi? From what you're saying, they're basically the same.

I have a WebCore license, obviously. On your site, there are not separate purchase options for Delphi and VSC. So at the moment they both appear to be covered by the same license.

That said, I do realize you just introduced VSC, so perhaps there are things incomplete here and there.

You can use your Delphi TMS WEB Core license also for TMS WEB Core for Visual Studio Code.

If my existing license is sufficient, then how can I get access to the VSC message board?

It seems silly to post VSC questions here.

Anyway, I installed the Mac version of VSC, and it’s looking quite limited.


Do you guys have a way to shoe-horn this into the Mac VSC? Because the ways you’ve selected don’t seem to be supported.

-David Schwartz

The install experience should be exactly the same regardless the operating system where Visual Studio Code is installed.

The support center has not yet been adapted to permit TMS WEB Core users also in the TMS WEB Core VSC category. At this moment only TMS ALL-ACCESS users have write permissions.
We will look into adapting this later.

You seem to use Visual Studio.

We support "Visual Studio Code"
I shared links to the Visual Studio Code website. So, please get Visual Studio Code from the links I mentioned here in previous post.
So, again, use Visual Studio Code and not Visual Studio. Visual Studio Code and Visual Studio are two completely different things.
Again: here is your starting point: https://code.visualstudio.com/

Well, crap. I went through downloading and installing this thing 3 times. The pages on MS site are awfully similar. Not even sure how I ended up in the wrong place all 3 times. Sorry about that.

I really appreciate this! Nice to have one license for both