VCLExcelBridge Error F2051

When I place a TAdvGridExcelExport in a new Application everything is fine.
But when I place it into an "old" application I created years ago I get this error...
F2051 Unit UAdvGridExcelExport wurde mit einer unterschiedlichen Version von BaseGrid.TCellProperties compiliert

I tried to uninstall and re-install the Bridge but whatever I do or change in my settings I cannot manage to get that work. I also tried to re-compile some packages manually, no sucess.

Does someone have any hints where I should search ?

Thanks, Tom

Is UAdvGridExcelExport.pas in the library path of this old project?

$(VCLGRIDEXCELBRIDGE)\Packages\dSydney\Win32\Release is in the library path.

I uninstalled and reinstalled the VCL-Bridge with checkbox "Compile debug DCUs" checked and then it worked fine at design-time, when compiling and at run-time.

Coud it somehow be related to that ?

If UAdvGridExcelExport.pas is in the library path and there are no old version DCU files around, there shouldn't be such issue

Thank you Bruno - most times when I update VCL UI pack I have to fiddle around with the VCL Bridge.
There really must be some leftover files on my system that mess up things... I've to take some time and look for them...

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