[dcc32 Fatal Error] HovedUnit.pas(1483): F2051 Unit UAdvGridExcelExport was compiled with a different version of AdvGridWorkbook.TAdvGridWorkbook

After updating the TMS libraries I use I get this error, what can I do?

Before installing, make sure to uninstall & remove ALL old version files.
It looks like the IDE still finds old version .DCU files.

What/which dcu to look for?

I always install using the Subscription Manager, it should remove old files?

I have installed TMS Flexcell for Vcl, TMS VCL Grid Excel Bridge, TMS Vcl UI pack and Tms Fnc UI pack. All I want is to export a Tms String grid to Excel, what component is best to use? Win32 program.

TMS VCL Grid Excel Bridge depends on TMS VCL UI Pack & TMS Flexcel.

So, if you install a new version of TMS VCL UI Pack and/or TMS Flexcel., you need to reinstall TMS VCL Grid Excel Bridge, as this needs to get compiled against the new versions of its dependencies.

Thanks for your patience, all ok now.