TAdvGridExcelExport compilation issue


I moved my programming environment from my desktop to a VM, but now it looks like I cannot get rid of the "[dcc32 Fatal Error] export_progress_frm.pas(9): F2051 Unit UAdvGridExcelExport was compiled with a different version of _UMiscClasses.TCommentProperties.ICommentProperties" error when building my project. Until now every time I installed a new TMS UI Pack version I simply run the VCL Bridge installer and problem was sovled. Am I missing something?

Thank you all for your time!

Check your IDE Library path and make sure your library path only points to the folder where UAdvGridExcelExport.pas is located and not to a folder where a UAdvGridExcelExport.dcu might be located. When there are old version UAdvGridExcelExport.dcu files around on your system, delete these.


Thank you for your prompt reply, I did that and aslo changed the libray path order and everything is ok now!