vcl ui pack - tadvoffice statusbar & styler

On Windows11 , RAD Studio Alexandria - selected style works only in DEBUG not in Release. In Release statusbar style is only grayed - not colored. How to fix it?

Can you please give more exact details how to reproduce this?
Just putting a TAdvOfficeStatusBar on the form or testing with the demo, I cannot see any problem here.

Please do such test:

  1. put TAdvOfficeStatusBar and TAdvOfficeStatusBarOfficeStyler on fresh form/project
  2. Set for example style: psOffice2010Blue in TAdvOfficeStatusBarOfficeStyler
  3. All works great
  4. Save all as new project.
  5. Close Project / Exit Rad studio
  6. Run Rad Studio again
  7. Unfortunately, even though the psOffice2010Blue style is still selected, the StatusBar is grayed out
  8. I have to change style to another in runtime and again psOffice2010Blue to it will be compiled
  9. On some Forms, unfortunately, even the described way does not work and Statusbar is always grayed out. It's as if it doesn't initialize properly in Runtime

See attached test project. I cannot reproduce this. (5.2 KB)

I thought for a while that everything was working now, but now I'm testing it at the company where I have Rad Studio 11.2 and it is indeed working.

But now I've logged in remotely to my home computer and there is still the same problem. Except that at home I have RAD Studio 11.3

So maybe the problem is occurring and can be reproduced also at your place but if you do a test on Rad Studio 11.3 if you can ?

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We checked this and it is because in Delphi 11, the form designer has by default VCL Styles enabled and VCL Styles have priority over the component's own style.
To turn this off, set AdvOfficeStatusBar.StyleElements := [];

Many thanks, now it's working great. Problem was fixed!