AdvPageControl VCL style

I have the latest version of VCL UI Pack. I know that developers are still working on implementing VCL styles for unsupported components but is there a way to apply VCL style on TAdvPageControl? The same question implies for TAdvCheckedTreeView that doesnt seem to follow selected VCL style.

I get AV when trying to use VCL style. I'm not alone.

I see no AV here.

I will choose any style. OK. Then I choose another one.
Project JasotSVB.exe raised exception class $C0000005 with message 'access violation at 0x705efd00: read of address 0x00130c22'.
Access violation at address 705EFD00 in module 'comctl32.dll'. Read of address 00130C22.
Hm, on this occasion I must to set up UIStyle for all components to tsCustom?

The error only occurs in debug mode

I retested runtime switching of styles and I could not see any problem.
If a problem persists, please create a sample source project and provide exact / detailed steps to enable to reproduce the issue.

I have to do it difficult. I wouldn't do a demonstration project. Since there is no problem in runtime, let's leave it that way. Maybe later.

I returned to the problem and found the following:

  1. If the form is the main form of the application, then everything is OK
  2. Otherwise I get AV and AdvOfficePager does not draw correctly. On AdvOfficePage I use a dynamically created fubform.

Correction: last word "subform"

It always works in a practice project :frowning_face:

Probably the last finding: If the main application form is displayed, it is OK. If I hide it, that's the problem. Also in a practice project that I can send you.

A sample project would be very useful,
as I have just tried to simulate this issue and I'm not able to reproduce the problem.

Update: We have recieved the sample project via mail. Thank you.