VCL Styles with TMS VCL UI

Hi, all
I'm moving an old application made with BDS2006 where the native Styles Manager from TMS
are used for TMS components.

Now I would like to use the wonderful feature of native styles of Sydney to add more user style choice,
but if I compile the ported project there is a MIX between Sydney styles and TMS styles.

What is the better way to have a uniform view (colors) between two style engines?

Thank you for your reply.

When VCL styles are used in the application, the TMS components without styler should adopt the VCL styles (as good as possible), so this would be the recommended way if you want the basis to be VCL styles based.

Ok, I've tried with an empty project, and works (I've checked the Grid).
Perhaps I need to delete and add components again because I've just removed TMS Stylers
from form and some flag is kept from previous styling mode.

Thank you for the info.

Did you set the component.UIStyle property to tsCustom?

Is this all we need to do if we want to use VCL Styles, not use the TMS Styler?
more documentation or howto about this is appreciated, thanks!

When VCL styles are enabled at application level, the TMS VCL UI Pack UI controls should pick up the VCL styles settings.

The Office 2019 menu's via TMS Advanced Toolbar is great functionality.

I have a little request, if the documentation "TMS Advanced Toolbars and Menus Developers Guide.pdf" (last updated in June 2020 and it does not even mention that it supports Office 2019 ribbon) could be updated with a simple how-to for how to set this up in Delphi 11 using the Delphi / Project Options / Application / Appearance / Custom Styles : Windows11 Modern Light and Windows11 Modern Dark
more developers will consider using it, I would highly appreciate.
Thanks in advance!

To have the Office 2019 style, it should be sufficient to set for the TAdvToolBarOfficeStyler the .Style property to one of the 3 Office 2019 styles bsOffice2019White, bsOffice2019Gray, bsOffice2019Black