Styling VCL Controls

Our VCL UI uses mainly TMS components in many separate applications. Each TMS group has good PDF documentation, and some components have separate 'stylers'. But I cannot find a general overview about how to adapt TMS components to allow users to select styles or adapt to dark or light Windows styles. Is there a TMS document or blog post on this topic hidden away somewhere? Trying a new VCL application style always seems it will involve too much research to get each TMS component looking correct..

The stylers are oriented at providing styles similar the Microsoft Office styles.
This work started before the light/dark Windows operating system config. But newer Office versions feature light & dark themes.

Info about stylers can be found here:

Thanks, but that was not what I had hoped for. I placed a form styler on the form, but found on testing that it had simply changed the colours on all my TMS components in the DFM, but left the Tlabel items as black on black. All was well when I reverted to a backup. So this is not a workable approach.

If I simply switch to dark mode in Delphi, many of the TMS components have an incorrect appearance; the forms look a mess. For example the label of some (not all) of our TAdvOffice checkbox components remains black; A ThtmlLabel has the wrong colours in plain text and changes its vertical alignment/position so that some of the text overwrites another field, as do some of the contents of a TAdvGroupBox. All this from just a VCL style change.

So I will re-phrase the question: Is there a plan to test and support VCL dark mode for all TMS VCL components? Many seem to work well, but for others it may take time to reproduce the effects in simple forms so as to illustrate the problems for you, if we want to eliminate all the issues. There is no way I could release our software in dark mode without addressing all these issues one-by-one.

I should clarify that it is setting any VCL style, not just dark styles, that causes trouble with some TMS VCL components.

Each of these cases should be looked at case per case in detail how you use these controls.
For example, THTMLabel can use the HTML color attributes and the label will not ignore these color attributes. So, regardless of VCL style, it will by design use the HTML attributes colors.
For other components, please share the component settings so we can inspect case by case.