VCL Styles versus AdvOfficePager and HTMLButton


I would like to step from TMS Styles to VCL Styles.

Many control painted fine, but
- the HTMLButton show only html code
- AdvOfficePager dont support the VCL Styles.

Can I use these controls perfect?
Or how can I transfer the VCL Style colors into AdvOfficePager colors (ColorTones)?

Thanks in advance.

Win10, XE10, TMS CP

Sorry, there is at this time no built-in support for VCL styles in TAdvOfficePager. It uses its own styles and its focus is on styles consistent with Microsoft Windows or Microsoft Office.

I must use manually like

Ok, thanks.

Hi Bruno and V?rhegyi Istv?n, I just wanted to mention that we are also preparing to move from TMS Styles to VCL Styles and would appreciate any work that can be done to improve support for VCL Styles - particularly TAdvOfficePager, TAdvGlowButton, and TAdvMainMenu.


At this moment, these controls do not support VCL styles, only TMS styles.
Especially TAdvOfficePager, the base control for the ribbon is heavily based on the different Microsoft Office styles for which there are not directly equivalent VCL styles, so it is a kind of strange to want a Microsoft Office ribbon in non-Office style.