VCL Style & AdvToolbar

I would like to use the AdvToolbar (in a AdvDockPanel) in my app but I it seems it does not support the VCL Styles as the other components do. According to the version history the Toolbar does support VCL Styles but when I change the styles, the colors on the toolbar do not change. I have the new UI Pack installed and the component version is All the other TMS controls on the form (such as TInspectorBar & TAdvStringGrid) change their colors with the style . 

Am I missing something? Do I need to couple the toolbar to some other styler component? (I tried the ToolbarOfficeStyler and ToolbarFantasyStyler but these only use the TMS styles)

I wrote my own wrapper that hammers the VCL Style colors into the AdvToolbar whenever the style is changed

Well, it's nice to know I am not alone! Hopefully that means I have not missed an obvious setting. I'm not very good with hammers so I think I will wait for Bruno to work his usual magic ;-)

Given typically a toolbar/ribbon is used in Office styled applications, these have for now only Office like styles. We'll investigate if we can somehow map this onto VCL styles for a future update.

Thanks Bruno!