TAdvToolbar selectors and XE6 Appearance styles

If I use any of the dark application appearances such as Golden Graphite, TAdvOfficeFontSelector and TAdvOfficeFontSizeSelector colors don't follow.  For example, the dropdown background is black and so is the text.  At least the TAdvFontSelector uses a proper text color, so I can use that instead, but there is no alternative font size selector.  I've tried using the TAdvToolBarOfficeStyler with no solution, as well as changing several color to use clWindow and clWindowText instead of clBlack, again without a solution.

Hopefully it is just something I've missed.  There are so many options and I've just started using these tools.

At this time, these controls do not take VCL styles in account and use the regular Windows background color (i.e. clWindow).
We'll investigate for a future release if this can be addressed and VCL styles support can be added to cover this.

Thanks. But perhaps at a minimum if you can't support VCL Styles, at least prevent bleed over.  In other words it would be nice if it would always use the actual Windows theme colors (or styler colors) and not the app's VCL Style colors at all.  Seems like TAdvOfficeFontSizeSelector is using the app's VCL Style color for the background but the Windows theme text color for the font rather than the Windows theme color for both  (again, seems like it anyway... need to do more testing to see a pattern).  TAdvFontSelector seems to work a little better in this regard.

We'll try to enhance this when doing a new development cycle on these controls.