VCL Secuity Pack Demo Rad Studio 2007


Having problems with this:

Firstly the installer says it can't find Delphi/C++ Builder 2007 even though Rad Studio 2007 is on my PC, installed using the default options.

The installer did put all the files on my PC, so I manually installed the comonents, created the tables and linked up the security manager. But when I double click on the Security Manager I get this error:

'Error reading ilImages->ColorDepth: Property ColorDepth does not exist'

MadExcept shows the error comes from trying to create TfrmPermissionsDlg

If I try to run this dialog in a C++ Builder app I get the same error message. I've tried adding the .DFMs to my project, etc, but nothing fixes it...

Any ideas?


We see this property was added due to use in newer Delphi versions.
We will fix this.


Presumably, if I purchased now I could fix the problem myself by opening the form in the IDE, which would delete the reference to the property?


We fixed it and released an update.

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