Security Pack ColorDepth issue #2 - RAD Studio 2007 - error in built in forms

This is related to my previous report re this component...

I get a similar error when I try to launch the Form Policy Dialog... This time the error is ilToolbar->ColorDepth

I suspect all the forms in the library will have an error like this?


We had overlooked this one as this form was still binary encoded and it did not show up in our search. We now fixed this and update v4.1.1.2 has this fix.

Thanks I can now run the dialog.

I'm now running into two issues:

After setting permissions for a form, I cannot reopen the settings dialog... If I try to I get this message:

Field '' not found. MadExcept shows that it is when TuiFormPolicy.LoadfromDataBase is called. I'm using Nexus DB and here is my Permissions table definition:

Field Type
Permission String(50)
Items Blob Memo
Action Int32
FormName String(50)

Is that right? I found some of the definitions in the PDF guide to having mssing fields, but at least the error message told me which field.

Oh, and if I try to run a TuilFormPolicyDlg from my application I still get the ColorDepth error message. I'm running without runtime packages so maybe the .LIB file has the old dfm in it?

I don't seem to be able to post to that forum... the create post button is disabled when I visit it...

  1. if a user has the Enable permission the control will be enabled, if not, disbled
  2. if a user has the Visible permission the control will be visible, if not, invisible
  3. All fields need to be configured via the uilSecurityManager

Can Security System related questions please be followed-up in the group

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