VCL Grid Excel Bridge

I have been using flexcel with the bridge in Delphi v11 (Alexandria). I have now installed Delphi v12 (Athens) and successfully installed various TMS packages including flexcel and apparently the grid excel bridge: the installer for the bridge uninstalled the previous version and then reinstalled for v11 and v12 without any error messages. Subsequent to this I can run v11 without problem but v12 posts the warning shown in the attached image (and a similar message for the design bpl). Looking at VCLExcelLBridge>Packages>D11>bpl>win32, the folder contains the files VCL_TMSVCLGridExcelBridge_DESIGN280.bpl and VCL_TMSVCLGridExcelBridge280.bpl, and in the win64 folder VCL_TMSVCLGridExcelBridge280.bpl is present. However the folder VCLExcelLBridge>Packages>D12>bpl>win32 is empty and the folder for win64 does not exist.
Please advise

Can you send me the FlexCel install log at \TMSSoftware\FlexCelVCLNT\Setup\FlexCel_build_log.txt and the bridges install log at \TMSSoftware\VCLExcelBridge\Setup\FlexCel_build_log.txt

I sent the requested logs on 1 March followed by emails on 7th and 13th March requesting a response. It is now 21st March and I am still waiting. Can I please have some help with this issue.

I haven't got any email from you, did you send them to ? (sorry I forgot to write the address in my previous post). You might also post them here if you prefer.

I got your email. Looking at the logs, what I see is that you installed FlexCel sucessfully for Delphi rio to Delphi 11. The latest entry is:
l\tmssoftware\registered\FlexCelVCLNT\Packages\d11\VCL_FlexCel_Components.dproj" (Make target(s)).

But the bridges are for delphi 12, so, as you mention in your first post, it fails. Can you reinstall FlexCel making sure Delphi12 is selected? From the log, it looks like it wasn't.