Installation of VCL Grid Excel Bridge suddenly fails

Dear all

Your help is needed with an installation issue. I wanted to install the VCL UI pack V

As usual I deinstalled all my TMS components: VCL UI Pack, FlexCel for VCL & FMX, and VCL Grid Bridge and downloaded (23.08.2022) the newest components.

Installation auf VCL UI Pack V and FlexCel for VCL & FMX V 7.15 worked as several times before with no problem. When installing Grid Excel Bridge V3.1 I ran into trouble. Please cf. the error message "MoveFile failed; code 5." updtmspacks.exe cannot be found.


In the App list from Windows Grid Excel Bridge is shown as installed ?!? When opening my main project I get the message That TAdvGridExcelExport is not found.


This means that currently i cannot develop my program. Quick help would be appreciated very much

With best regards
Dr. HG Kneip

From what I can see, the installation of the Bridge wasn't successful. It will show as installed even if it didn't work (so you can uninstall it), but if you got that error it surely didn't work.

It is a strange error, as the setup should never fail to rename a file. I can think on 2 options:

  1. The disk is full or has some error (not likely but can happen). Maybe you can run a chkdsk on it just to be sure.
  2. An antivirus is deleting the file before it is moved. This is sadly more likely, and I've seen similar issues before. In this case even more likely since it is failing to move an exe file (updtmspacks.exe) Can you try disabling the antivirus?

If none of 1 and 2 work, I'd like to see the full log at \Setup\VCLGridExcelBridge_build_log.txt
You can either attach it here or send it to, as you prefer.

Dear Adrian

you are true. My antivirus program hindered VCL Excel Bridge to install correctly. The SETUP.EXE as well as UPDTMPACKS.EXE were in the quarantine area. They were identified as HEUR/AGEN12494400.

Releasing these file from quarantine and trying a new installation with the antivirus software temporarily switched off let Grid Excel Bridge install as expected!.

I am very grateful for your help!
Best regards
Dr HG Kneip

I tried to install Excel Bridge in Delphi 12 in december 2023.
It did not work. Then I removed Delphi 12 and took instead Delphi 11.3. Then I installed and everything worked fine. Now in January 2024 I tried again - and again it does not work. Do I have to go back to Delphi 11.3 again?
The problem is that I cannot continue my work without the Excel bridge.
Kind regards Lasse :-)

Can you define "it does not work"? What exact error at what exact point do you get?

Try getting the bridges from here:
Vcl bridge:

Fnc bridge:

There seems to be a cache problem where the old setups that don't support Delphi 12 are still being downloaded, I am not sure why. See TMS VCL Grid Excel Bridge for Delphi 12 - #10 by Feichtenschlager_Thomas

Hello Bruno

I mean that it does not install. I always install VCL UI first, then VCL Flex cell and finally the VCL Excel bridge.
I forgot to tell that I use Windows 11 on my computer.
Normally and up to and including Delphi 11.3 it installs and works meaning that I can continue working with my project.

Kind regards Lasse :-)

It should be fixed now.