VCL Component Pack vs. VCL UI Pack


I just renewed from VCL Component Pack to VCL UI Pack. I looked at the benefits you specified at

and decided to go for it. BUT, I was later surprised when I saw that license for UI Pack lasts only 1 year vs. 2 years of Component Pack. That is a huge difference (double the price for the same time period). This info was not specified and the "benefits" section on the link above..

Why double the price? Am I missing something here?


The new product is aligned with all our other new products and to the industry standard 1 year subscriptions and therefore the TMS VCL UI Pack renewal discount is increased to 70% 

As such, over time, overall cost stays approximately the same but it allows for better planning and budgetting for customers.

OK, but now I got only 40% renewal discount when renewing from Component Pack? 

Yes, you bought before TMS Component Pack and got the promised conditions for the TMS Component Pack, i.e. also its renewal conditions. Now you bought TMS VCL UI Pack and you have the new TMS VCL UI Pack renewal conditions, i.e. a much bigger 70% discount. 

I really don't see why 70% should not be applied here as well. I would
not have any objections if 40% discount would mean a 2 year subscription
(like it was so far with Component Pack), but in this case it is basically the
same product, renewing only for 1 year and with the price that was previously charged for 2 years of subscription for the same product. Why?
Just because the name of the product changed..

There is much more to it than just a name change.

  • Moved to a new build & installer generation process allowing more frequent releases, faster rollout of improvements and fixes and also beta builds
  • Builds of full trial versions for all supported Delphi & C++Builder versions
  • In short term we will also submit a version for GetIt to facilitate download & install from the IDE itself
  • Faster migration & support to upcoming new Delphi & C++Builder versions
  • Better install/uninstall experience
  • Consistent & clear product naming
  • Focus on improvements for high DPI and VCL styles support across the entire TMS VCL UI Pack components
  • New components: Kanban board UI VCL control and TableView UI VCL control
  • Updated PDF generation library with new features
  • Keep components backwards compatible with TMS Component Pack v9.x components

    Bruno Fierens2019-07-24 00:21:53

    Sorry to hijack this topic, but I was also very much surprised about the price and subscription length.

    before, I paid $250 for 2 years of subscription, now it would cost ~$230 for just 1 year, I do not see anywhere a similar price as stated above, or I miss something.

    The TMS VCL UI Pack renewal price is a 70% discount instead of the 40% it was for TMS Component Pack, so over time cost is approximately the same. Many companies prefer a 1 year scheme for budgeting and so we aligned this with most other products we have. There are still a few products with 'old' models that will over time also be aligned to industry standard 1 year subscriptions with renewals at only 30% of the original license price.