TMSWebUpdate for Rio

Is TMSWebUpdate ready for Rio 10.3? I see the latest version is still dated May 2017.


The latest version v2.4.4.1 is included in TMS VCL UI Pack and this supports Rio 

Thanks. But I have an active subscription for TWebUpdate and I don't want to be forced to pay for a TMS VCL UI Pack sub!

Another ? 295 to use just one component?!

This concerns a purchase of 3 years ago.

Building distributions for hundreds of separate components is not longer sustainable or feasible. We ended up spending more time to update hundreds of packages every time there is a new Delphi version than doing actual component development.  As such, the separate TWebUpdate distribution was discontinued. Contact sales for a discount upgrade offer to TMS VCL UI Pack.

Well, I understand but 295 Euros is nearly what I pay for my RAD Studio subscription and I will not pay that for one component that I have been using for many years. I hope you will consider giving me access to v2.4.4.1 or give me a very significant discount (circa 95%) to purchase the TMS VCL UI Pack - or, perhaps, add to the TMSWebUpdate registered downloads.

Thank you.

Have contacted Sales so let's see what they say re a discount.

20% only, and I see the version of TWebUpdate in the TMS VCL UI Pack (in your Product list) is still v2.4.2.0 (May 30, 2017). So what new features are provided - except Rio support?

Bruno graciously sent me the current TWebUpdate source at no cost which will allow me to update to Rio. Many thanks TMS.