Using TMS IW components in C++ Builder

Does anyone else use the TMS IW components in C++ Builder?

I have the major issue that after I have added components such as TTIWResponsiveList or TTIWContinuousScroll and edited a few properties, moved things around etc on the form designer the form designer in the IDE crashes with "Invalid Pointer" and then crashes the IDE

I am using Intraweb 14.2.7 and C++Builder 10.2.3 

This is a very frequent problem and makes the TMS IW components unusable

We're not aware of such problem.
Do you have another machine where you can test this?

Do you have repeatable steps for how to reproduce this?

I may be able to try it on a machine with XE10.1 tomorrow, but don't have another machine with the exact same setup

It is a random error, not consistent - so the same steps don't always lead to the fault, but I did manage to get the error to occur by:
  • Start IDE
  • create new Intraweb application
  • select the default created form
  • place a TIWresposiveList
  • copy /paste it several times
  • delete one of the copies
  • move the lists around
  • repeat from copy / paste (took a couple of minutes of this)
i.e no editing of component properties, just adding / removing components from form.


I have not been able to reproduce the error with the steps you provided.
It's not clear what is causing the issue on your side.

Could you provide screenshots of the error and the IDE at the time the error occurs so I can further investigate this?
Thanks for trying this

I have tried it on another PC using C++ Builder XE10.1 and not had been able to reproduce the issue either. So I'm currently thinking it might be an installation issue. (possibly old version IW files not all removed)

Once I have the components in place on the form the IDE remains stable, so I am managing to continue my app.