Use TTMSFNCRouteCalculator with Mabox as Service on TTMSFNCMap with Mapbox as Service


We had developed a Application with the old TWebOSMaps component. After beeing Forced to use the new FNC componentn I was trying to use the Route Calculator and the Map both with MapBox. After Mapping the RouteCalculator to the Map I get a Screen saying that the Mapservice and the RouteCalculator are not Compatible. How can we fix that?

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The current supported map services for the route calculator are:

  • Google Maps
  • Openlayers
  • Here

We have now added MapBox and TomTom to the list.
Next version of TMS FNC Maps will address this.

Is there a Roadmap when this version will be available? We have to change our product significantly. At the moment we use polylines and rest services to paint the route by our own. Using the RouteCalculator could save us tons of code. But we need to know the approximate time table to Plan our changes.


Wow, Thats fast :smiley:

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Hey, checkt the Solution. Works like expected :smiley:
But I think you have forget to change the TTMSFNCMapBox Component, there is no propertie for RouteCalculator


We have corrected this here, the next version will address this. Thanks for reporting!

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